Webinar – Senior Living Decisions Simplified

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Be our guest! Hosted by Clarendale and Life Care Services, this free online event will provide information on making decisions about senior care for seniors and their loved ones. Speaker Catherine Owens is author of the book “Be Your Own Hero: Senior Living Decisions Simplified,” written to create a movement of knowledgeable and independent seniors who research their options early.

Topics include:
-Misconceptions surrounding senior living
-Defining independence, from a senior’s perspective and from an adult child’s perspective
-Benefits of choosing a safe and comfortable senior living option
-Common emotions (fear) that keep people from making decisions on senior living

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All webinar attendees will receive a free copy of Catherine’s book, newly released in its second edition.

Having worked in a variety of roles throughout her career—leadership, training, marketing and sales—Catherine intimately understands the senior living industry. She specializes in helping people make difficult, life-changing decisions with the goal of living fully rather than just making a change in location. Catherine’s book has been critically acclaimed by senior living professionals, as well as seniors and their families.